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St Louis Medical Billing Company

About us

Full-Service Medical Billing Service Company Since 1998

When Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. first opened in 1998, we knew that we did not want to be a “typical” billing company.

At the time of incorporation, our lead staff had been working in the clinical field managing a six‐provider group practice, as well as other prior medical practices and large hospital organizations for over 20 years. We were often approached by outside physicians for practice and billing advice because of the success of the practices that we were managing.

We definitely saw a need in our community for quality medical billing services.  We knew we could manage a medical billing company that not only increased provider’s reimbursements, but also had a complete understanding of patient care and how clinical day‐to‐day operations affect a provider’s overall practice income. We wanted to remove the stress and headache of processing billing in‐house, but also wanted to stay connected with our clients so that we became an extension of their practice and not a separate entity.

Full service medical billing

Our Vision

What sets us apart from the rest?

The main difference is our dedication and loyalty to our clients. We aim to please our clients in every aspect.  We have always held to the standard of providing 100% customer satisfaction, not only to our physicians, but also their patients.  Our second noticeable difference from “typical” billing companies is that we strive to give 110% in everything that we do.  We look at every situation as an opportunity to increase your collections. . .we are NOT A DATA ENTRY ONLY billing company.  We empower our employees to achieve quality work that provides affordability in today’s tough economy, while maintaining integrity with every action.

Most of our staff have experience working in medical offices, so not only do we understand the vast complexities of billing, but we also understand how a clinical office operates.  This enables us to provide the best service to our clients.  With our combined experience, we provide over 40 years of experience working in clinical medical practices and large hospital organizations.

“Our passion for what we do transfers into our services”