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When we go into a physician’s practice to perform a Billing Health Analysis, one of the first items looked at is outstanding Accounts Receivable, also known as A/R.  You can learn a lot by reviewing outstanding receivables.  Patient A/R is different than insurance.  There are many techniques to effectively bring down patient A/R, but at the end of the day, patients will still pay at their discretion.

Insurance companies on the other hand are required to process claims, but too often overstaffed physician offices, and ill-equipped medical billing companies leave money on the table.  They simply are not able to apply the time or have the trained expertise to properly resolve claims.  This in turn results in overinflated A/R and causes your practice to lose a significant portion of revenues.

Knowledgeable billing staff will be educated and disciplined, working accounts in a timely fashion leaving very little on the table.  If you’re wondering how to determine when to investigate further, start with reviewing outstanding A/R over 90 days.  The majority of insurance receivables should always fall between 0-30 days.  If your 90+ A/R is larger than your 0-30 A/R, this will require further investigation.

The good news is we perform hundreds of Billing Health Analyses for physician practices just like yours, and we can provide a free analysis for your practice with little to no effort required from your office.  All you have to do is complete the form request below to receive valuable information to get your medical billing back in order.    

Most importantly, don’t leave money on the table when you could easily learn how to put it back in your pocket!

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