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How Implementing Telemedicine Increases Your Medical Practice Revenue


“Overall, telemedicine offers a number of ways for medical practices to increase revenue, including reducing no-shows, optimizing patient flow, adding new patients, better retaining existing patients, monetizing after-hours consultations, and enabling easy same-day appointment scheduling that fits in more billable hours. Telemedicine is good for patients, as most of us already know. But telemedicine also is good for revenue growth, which some people didn’t know.”

With value-based care, revenue cycle management demands an ‘end-to-end’ system

revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management has gone from being a “back office” function to an “end-to-end” system that begins at patient intake or even before, claims specialists say. Advanced technologies, in tandem with improved workflows and better data have resulted in RCM systems that encompass the entire healthcare enterprise. With the right automation tools and revenue cycle support, experts say healthcare providers should be able to improve their cash flows by collecting patient payments up front, determining precise eligibilities and filing clean claims to payers.

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Theft of iPhone Lands Non-Profit $650,000 HIPAA fine

Theft of iPhone

Healthcare provider pays $650,000 fine because iPhone was stolen that contained health information.
“You’re only as safe as your partner,” she says. “Everyone involved with vendor management should develop a common, collaborative security strategy that includes layering new protections onto processes and policies to defend against information risk in the supply chain.”

Google eases the pain of online diagnosis


“An online self-diagnosis will usually elicit a rolling of the eyes and a biting of the tongue from the GP when you do eventually make the trip to the doctor’s office.”