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Hear what Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. clients have to say about partnering with us!

“After a very short period of time of being with Medical Billing Solutions, Inc., since August of 2003, this group of highly professional individuals raised my collection percentage to a higher level than it has ever been in 16 years. My only regret is that I should have chosen to use this company many years ago. I highly recommend this firm to any physician or physician group that is interested in raising their current collection percentage.”

-Mark J. Eavenson, DC  Multi-Care Specialists

Sanjay K. Nigam, MD

medical billing services Client Testimonials SANJAY K NIGAM MDIt is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. and its staff. My group practice is located in Glen Carbon, IL. I switched to MBS, Inc. in Jan 2005, and I am very pleased with the services provided by them. I found that they have the friendliest staff on board. They not only provided me with a quality service, but I also found that I could rely on them to get practice related advice as well. I am very impressed with the knowledge of their staff. MBS, Inc. has given me valuable advice on practice management, coding services and billing procedures. MBS, Inc. enables me to focus on my patients and not worry about keeping up with all of the insurance company demands. Choosing MBS, Inc. is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As my practice continually expands, my relationship with MBS, Inc continues to grow as well.”

William G. Bonzelet, MD

client testimonials medical billing services William Bonzelet MD“I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. because of my great trust and confidence that I have for the people in the company. I have been in solo practice since 1999, and during that time, I have taken hard knocks from another billing company that did not follow up on their promises. Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. quickly righted the ship and has kept my cash flow at a very high level since 2001. My staff feels very comfortable calling with questions and my patients have been pleased with the courteous manner displayed by their employees. Therefore, without hesitation, I would recommend their services to any physician.”

Barry I. Feinberg, MD

“We have been using Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. since July 2008. We are very happy with their services. Dee Ann Billings has been a great help to us and works with the physicians and the staff to solve any problems that may arise.”

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At Medical Billing Solutions, Inc., we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.  The client testimonials above are just a few of the satisfied physician practices that we have partnered with over the years.  If you would like a complete reference list or to contact any of the clients listed above,  call our office at 1-800-596-5387, and we would be happy to provide you with their contact information.
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