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Dee Ann Billings

Dee Ann M Billings,



Dee Ann Billings has been with Medical Billing Solutions since it was first established.  She manages and directs all employees and is responsible for the direction of all departments and internal operations within Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. Dee Ann also directs and monitors all external client relations as well.  In addition, she is responsible for the direction and implementation of all training and software support.  She is a Certified Physician Practice Manager, giving her experience and knowledge to better understand the needs of our clients.  She is also a Certified Professional Biller, which gives her the experience and knowledge to optimize billing operations and maintain increased client revenues.

  • Certified Professional Practice Manager (CPPM)
  • Certified Professional Biller (CPB)
  • Health Care Management
  • EMR Training Specialist
  • Practice Analysis Professional
  • High-Level Reports and Analytics Professional
  • Profit Projection Specialist and Strategist