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No Cost, No Obligation Billing Health Analysis

You know other doctors are getting higher revenue returns than your practice. You have been trying for years to improve your bottom line Billing Revenue Results. Is your medical practice running with maximum efficiency?

With a FREE Billing Health Analysis, you will gain the insights you need to know.  Find out if you have revenue falling through the cracks!

We can help your practice determine billing and coding efficiency by analyzing processes like:

  • Collection Production – How much is “falling through the cracks?”
  • Coding Analysis – are you coding services accurately?
  • Reimbursement Ratio – are you collecting ALL the revenue you should?
  • Accounts Receivable – are you writing off too much too soon?


Typically after a brief audit, we can give physician offices proper feedback to equip and empower physicians to make confident and informed decisions to get their practice finances where they need to be.  We are not interested in trying to fix something that is not broken. If we determine your office has good billing health, we will be honest and transparent in our findings. If you only need to make a few minor adjustments within your current setup, we are not going to recommend to switch to alternative options when your current solution may still be the best fit.

Our goal is to be of service to our community of physicians whether that’s for a brief encounter or for a longer lasting relationship.  In order to at least know where you’re billing health stands, all you need to do is complete the form below. Once submitted, we will contact you with next steps.

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