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Gastroenterology Medical Billing
Gastroenterology Medical Billing

Choosing a billing partner for accurate Gastroenterology Medical Billing and coding is difficult. You need to have a medical billing company that comprehends complicated gastroenterology billing codes and guidelines, Gastroenterology-related terminology, coding for surgical procedures, and code variations associated with numerous procedure rules. Also, the denial process and skill to appeal denied claims efficiently and quickly to ensure swift reimbursement

Due to these complexities, Gastroenterology coding is difficult and calls for an advanced level of understanding to ensure optimum reimbursement. These difficulties include things like billing for colonoscopies as opposed to colorectal cancer screenings, GI function, and motility studies, recording appropriate Evaluation and Management Services levels, and utilizing modifiers 26, 59, and 51.

Additionally, endoscopy and gastroenterology billing require the skill to successfully monitor underpayments. This condition typically exceeds the functions of common medical software and medical billing personnel. Those GI specialists not properly focusing on underpayments commonly see a 7%-10% decrease in levels of revenue.

Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. is knowledgeable both in endoscopy and gastroenterology billing. Our staff of certified coders and medical billing professionals will work in partnership with your practice, ensuring that you collect the greatest reimbursement. Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. will identify trouble areas including the appropriate modifiers usage, underpayment evaluation, and manage every aspect of your practice’s billing. For more information on billing solutions for the specialty of gastroenterology, request a complimentary demo or contact us for additional information.