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How Healthcare Should Be in 2016 and Beyond

“I believe that for primary care, insurance must reverse completely and can only be driven by the physicians themselves. In 2016, there is no realistic way for a practicing primary care physician to be so inefficient or corrupt that the oversight now in place is demanded. We are wasting a huge amount monitoring people who cannot cheat in any big way. We must dump both the private and government insurance process and its endless monitoring devices and let the primary physicians work in peace to cure as many people in the best way possible. There are places for cooperative behavior, such as wellness programs and obesity clinics, but these must be designed for the benefit of the doctor-patient agreed to goals, not the objective measure of ‘watchers’.”

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This is an excellent and rational explanation of how our healthcare system and insurance reimbursement should be set up.  This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time that is both practical and realistic for all involved.  Great read for anyone in the healthcare field.

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