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New 2024 Telehealth Medical Billing Updates

Telehealth Services - What Has Changed in 2024?

  • Added New CPT and HCPCS Codes for CY 2024
  • Added New and Expanded Telehealth Services
  • Extended Use of Modifier 95
  • Added the CY 2024 Originating Site Facility Fee Amount

Avoid Unecessary Claim Denials

Over 90% of our clients perform Telehealth billing.  Since the start of COVID, the doors have been wide opened for Telehealth billing, and there are no indications it will ever go back to the way it once was. Pre-Pandemic, Telehealth was only available in rural health facility settings requiring originating sites.  It was typically only available in nursing homes and hospitals that met very specific regulations.  

United Healthcare and other major health insurance payers were adopting virtual care platforms prior to the pandemic, but their services were just a small sampling to what it has become today.  With the ease of doctors and patients able to connect over simple audio and video platforms, healthcare has now become more accessible and available to patients everywhere.  

Now that Telehealth services are proving to stay long term, insurance payers are getting wiser to tightening up their billing requirements. This could be an effort to pay less based on patient’s location and technology factors.  Here at Medical Billing Solutions, Inc., we are seeing more inquiries made trying to find answers on billing forums due to increased Telehealth denials.  Place of service and modifier requirements have changed for 2024, and physicians offices are scrambling to figure out why their medical claims are denying.  There have also been updates on Audio Only vs Audio/Video requirements.

Each payer is adopting their own specific guidelines, but there are some underlying common factors that can help guide your billing practices. It’s important to stay in the “know” and get ahead of denials, before they get ahead of you.  If you would like to see the official CMS regulations for 2024, we would be happy to provide you with up to date resources so you can review and pass this valuable information on to your medical billing department.

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