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Orthopedics Billing Services
Orthopedics Billing Services

Nationwide Orthopedics Billing Services that increase your billing revenue. We know that Orthopedic billing can be complicated and complex in comparison with most medical specialties. It is crucial that your orthopedics billing service company have the experience necessary to handle the complexities presented by orthopedics billing and modifiers.  From billing and coding for orthopedic implants and payer specific coverage policies, to guidelines surrounding arthroscopic and reconstructive surgeries, our team of medical billing specialists are knowledgeable in the use of all CPT, ICD-10, and post-operative modifiers unique to orthopedic billing.

Our team of certified coders and medical billing specialists work together with you and your practice.

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Did you know that More than 25% of medical billing claims for all specialties are rejected and at least 15% will never be resubmitted? For orthopedic billing claims, more than 35% are processed inaccurately by commercial insurers. With the vast amount of claims submitted annually, it’s estimated that more than $65 billion in revenue remains uncollected by providers providing healthcare services, according to a McKinsey Quarterly, report.

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