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St Louis Medical Billing Company


why Doctors call us
  1. Problems why people call us:
    1. The in house Biller quit
    2. Their In house biller is not doing a good job which usually revolves around high outstanding Accounts Receivable, behind on work, not following up on claims, not trained in billing.
    3. Their billing company got bought out by a big box billing company and they lost their personal approach
    4. They want a local billing company
    5. Their billing company has poor communication (they never request info from them needed for claims or communicate on unpaid claims. They don’t send them coding updates, they don’t educate them on their errors or ways they can get paid better)
    6. Their billing company has too much in Accounts Receivable. They aren’t working outstanding claims.¬† They aren’t following up on claims, they aren’t posting charges or payments in a timely manner.
    7. They want to switch EMRs, and the EMR has an all in one solution, so they switch their billing to all in one solution.
    8. Offices will bring billing back in house after using a billing company due to:
      1. Trying to reduce costs
      2. Trying to gain more control
      3. Better patient experience
      4. Wanting fixed costs that don’t go up with percentage of collections